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Gun Cleaning Rods - All Steel

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Two different gun cleaning rods to use with gun brushes. Item #20000 is a lower cost all steel construction rod and can only be used with rifle and pistol cleaning brushes. This rod contains 3 extensions that are 6-3/4" long and 1 shorter 2-1/2" extension. This allows you to configure the rod to the desired rod length you need based on the gun your cleaning. Item #20001 is our premium all steel construction rod which can be used with rifles, pistols and shotguns. This rod also comes with 2 attachments, one a cleaning cloth and the other a 5/16 female coupling to attach shotgun brushes. This premium rod has a very comfortable solid steel red handle which spins as its pushed down the gun barrel. This function allows the gun brushes to follow the grooves inside the barrel naturally without damaging the grooves or the inside of the barrel. Both rods are great additions to your gun cleaning collection and their all steel construction ensures the rods will not bend or deform after multiple uses. "Made in USA"

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Item # Male End Female End Overall Length Attachments Fits Brushes Price Qty
20001 8/36 8/32 36" 5/16 Coupling & Cloth Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun
  • 100+ : $29.0035 ea.
  • 200+ : $27.4770 ea.
  • 300+ : $25.9505 ea.
  • 500+ : $24.4240 ea.