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Industrial Brushes & Accessories:

With over 3,000,000 industrial brushes in stock for immediate shipment, Torrington Brush Works carries a variety of brushes, handles, rollers and accessories for any application. Selection includes tube and hole cleaning, auto parts cleaning brushes, chip brushes, acid brushes, artist brushes, brooms and more, which range from good & least expensive quality, to the finest quality of brushes available. Shop for your Torrington Brush today!

Industrial Brush Manufacturer & Supplier

Torrington Brush Works has one of the most comprehensive lines of brush products in the world. Regardless of the application, we have your perfect brush. With our products including tube brushes, chip brushes, poly foam applicators, and black bristle acid brushes, our expansive selection is available in various sizes, qualities, and materials, suitable for every project. Our industrial brush inventory offers a cost-effective solution while providing the best quality. In addition to the natural and synthetic fibers, Torrington carries a variety of brushes offered in Chinese hog bristle, badger, camel, ox, and horse hair, and nylon, stainless steel and brass wire options.

Torrington also maintains an extensive stock of handles, rollers and accessories. From brush, broom and mop handles to roller covers and cages, Torrington Brush Works covers all of your brush accessory needs.

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