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Wax Brushes

Wax Brushes


Torrington Brushes carries a full, professional line of round paint and wax brushes. Our brushes are 100% made in the USA. These brushes are perfect for the DIY-ers in the world – providing professionalism in every brush at an affordable price. Made of pure bristles, our brushes allow for easy application of furniture waxes for refinishing and restoration. The round shape of our wax brushes are ideal for applying product into detailed areas. These round brushes are commonly used in refinishing or restoring furniture or other large projects. Our professional wax brushes are a must-have staple for every DIY toolkit.

Material Used In Each Brush:

  • 100% all natural hog hair bristle available in either White or Grey colors.
  • Nickel plated steel ferrule to prevent from rusting.
  • A solid hardwood handle available in either a stencil or long round sash style.
  • Held together using a strong two-part epoxy resistant to water and solvents.


You will find our round wax brushes are generously filled with natural bristle, which make the brush more durable and hold more wax and paint. Since these brushes are manufactured completely by hand from start to finish, we are able to maintain a consistent high quality product is made each and every time. Each brush is hand cleaned to minimize the amount of bristle loss to prevent you from having to spend time picking hair off of your projects. Please understand that with any natural bristle brush, there will always be some hair loss. We do our best during the manufacturing process to minimize this hair loss so you can truly enjoy using the brush rather then having to clean up after it.

These brushes are perfect to use with dark, light or clear waxes. Round wax brushes by Torrington Brush works can be used with all natural based paint and waxes. All of our paint & wax brushes feature dense bristles to capture and hold more product for less reloading. If you are a furniture refinisher or a hobbyist, these brushes will become your best friend. You will not find a better quality wax brush handcrafted in the U.S.A anywhere for these prices. For those people who feel they are constantly having to purchase new wax brushes because their current wax brushes are unreliable and keep falling apart after a few uses, you will admire the durability of these brushes as they can be used over and over again as long as they are cleaned correctly and properly maintained. Most importantly we wanted to offer everyone the ability to own a high quality wax brush they can rely on for a reasonable price and a brush that will get the job done.

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