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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does this site appear to look incorrect?
A: This site was designed with newer technology that may not be available on all older browsers. Please update to the newest version of the browser you are using for the best possible browsing experience.

Q: Do you have a minimum order?
A: We have no minimum order. Either in brushes or dollar amount

Q: How do I buy products from Torrington Brush? Do I have to buy through a distributor?
A: Torrington Brush sells its products primarily direct to the end user or manufacturer. We feel generally that we can give better service selling direct to the customer. There are distributors who resell Torrington's Brushes because we place no restrictions on what kind of businesses can purchase our products. Because we are very price competitive some distributors can purchase from Torrington and easily resell them. Consider one of our fine Paint Brushes .

Q: How do I establish credit if I want to buy on open account?
A: For orders up to $200 just send us an order and we will ship and bill you. For orders over $200 just furnish us with a bank reference and two trade references and we can set you up in a day.

Q: How do you charge for shipping?
A: Our shipping charges are determined by the total dollar amount of your order, excluding applicable sales tax. Orders that total $100.00 and over will receive free shipping, orders of $99.99 and lower will be charged a shipping fee of $9.99.

Q: Are there special discounts?
A: Torrington's discounts are based on quantity. It is a fair way of selling. No matter who you are, if you buy 100 pieces, your price is the same as any other customer. Our catalog shows the pricing discounts form each item.

Q: What if there appears to be more than one brush that is suitable for my requirement?
A: Because we have no minimum you can order 1 or 2 of any number of brushes to see what works for you.

Q: Can you make special brushes or ones that are different than in you catalog?
A: We can and do make specials, but it is far more efficient to try and find a stock brush that will work or to modify an existing brush. Specials are costly because of set up and production limitations.

Q: Can the billing and shipping addresses be different?
A: Many of our customers have different billing and shipping addresses. There should be no problem. Some of our customers have multiple shipping addresses.

Q: How do I return something that I don't want?
A: We make it as easy as possible. You don't need any return authorization. Just call us and tell us your sending something back, so that we know who it is coming from and what is coming. We will issue you a credit or refund whichever you prefer.

Q: What is your privacy policy concerning customer information?
A: Torrington Brush keeps all of its' customer information strictly private. We have never sold our customer list nor will we. We will not give out any information about our customers including credit without their authorization.