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Chimney Brushes Overview

At Torrington Brush Works, we manufacturer and supply round, square and rectangular chimney brushes to meet all your chimney brush needs. Our square, round and rectangular chimney/flue brushes are available in wire fill for cleaning ceramic flues and chimneys and in poly for cleaning metal flues and chimneys. All chimney brushes are also available as special order items. All brushes come with 1/4" NPT fittings to fit our cleaning rods (number 06831), "Tee" handles and accessories. Several other sizes are available as special order items.

Torrington Brush Works also carries a variety of chimney cleaning accessories such as fiberglass cleaning rods with 1/4" NPT male and female fittings, "Tee" handles, eye sockets, poly rope, bent handle scratch brushes, flue creosote scrapers, and a DIY illustrated chimney cleaning instruction booklet.