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Wooden Floor Sweep and Push Broom Handles

Wooden Floor Sweep and Push Broom Handles

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Smooth durable non-splintering Hardwood handle with strong die-cast threaded aluminum tip securely attached. Will work with all floor broom heads paint roller frames or any block type brush the allows a standard threaded handle.

Please note: Due to shipping carriers recently changing their dimension classifications for over-sized packages, any broom handles, mop handles, corn brooms and other products with a overall height of 48" or longer, will not be available for purchase on our website at this time. These items require an additional over-sized charge of $14.99 per box, which needs to be added to the order and currently our website does not allow this function. Even-though our website shows these items as out of stock, we do have them in stock if you were to call us directly to order them. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working with our developers to resolve this issue. If you would still like to purchase any broom handles or other products that are classified as being over-sized (48" or longer), please just call us directly 1-800-262-7874 and we would be happy to take your order over the phone. Thank you for you patience as we work to fix this issue.) . 

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Item # Handle Diameter OAL Price
09008 15/16" 54"
  • 12+ : $7.1820 ea.
  • 24+ : $6.7830 ea.
  • 48+ : $6.3840 ea.
Wood handle - Threaded End
09006 15/16" 60"
  • 6+ : $8.3250 ea.
  • 12+ : $7.8625 ea.
  • 24+ : $7.4000 ea.
Wood handle - Threaded End
09007 15/16" 72"
  • 12+ : $9.5940 ea.
  • 24+ : $9.0610 ea.
  • 48+ : $8.5280 ea.
Wood handle - Threaded End